Period: 2014 – present (demonstration product)

Sensor: PROBA-V

Frequency: 10 days

Resolutions: 300m

Extent: Global

Data can be accessed here.

Algorithm description:The algorithm is similar to GEOv2 algorithm. However, it is implemented using 300m PROBA-V data. More stringent cloud cover and zenith angle restrictions are implemented.

Accuracy: Early validation conducted over sites in Europe for 2014 yielded RMSE = 0.1, bias = 0.043.


  • Validation conducted over Europe (not global)
  • Product is not fully operational
  • Large fraction of missing values in northern latitudes during wintertime
  • Unstable variations of near real time estimates for consecutive dates, notably better after one 10-day period
  • Systematic lower values than FAPAR 1km (version 1) around large areas of Europe
  • Slight positive bias at the start of the season in croplands and deciduous forest
  • Lower consistency with MODIS FAPAR for forest areas than FAPAR 1km product
  • Positive bias for bare or harvested areas


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