From early 2017, the Welsh landscape has been observed (cloud permitting) on a daily basis at high (3-6 m spatial resolution), primarily in the visible and near infrared wavelength regions, by approximately 120 of Planet Labs Inc. CubeSat miniature satellites. Superdoves have also been launched and these collect reflectance data in the red edge region, with the being particularly well suited for plant species discrimination and retrieval of herbaceous biomass and hence crop and grass yields. The dense time series of Planet Labs data allows changes in the landscape to be observed as they occur, including the growth and harvesting of crops and forests. Of importance to Wales is that daily acquisitions significantly increase the ability to obtain cloud-free imagery. CubeSat data there present a unique opportunity to observe the state and dynamics of Welsh environments for years to come.

The following pages outline experience with the use of Planet data in Wales and links with the resources of the Living Wales.