In addition to ENVISAT BIOMASAR GSV and WUR Global Forest Biomass, there are three other products allowing to map European Forest Biomass. However, these data are not available for direct download. Details for these products are given in the table below:

Products Barredo et al (2012) Kindermann et al (2008) Gallaun et al (2010)
Period 2010 2010 2000
Resolution 1 km 0.0083 degree 500 m

Avitabile and Camia (2018) have reviewed and compared these products using harmonised biomass reference data. All the maps overestimated the low biomass values and underestimated the high biomass values. All maps had an overall negative bias (23–43 Mg/ha). The relative errors were 29–40% at the national level and 63–72% at the grid cell level.


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