Period: 2010


Resolutions: 0.01 degree

Extent: Northern Hemisphere

Data can be accessed here.

Algorithm description: The Growing Stock Volume (GSV) is estimated using BIOMASAR algorithm that relies on the following Water Cloud type of model:

{ \sigma }_{ forest }^{ 0 }\quad =\quad { \sigma }_{ ground }^{ 0 }\quad { e }^{ -\beta V }\quad +\quad { \sigma }_{ canopy }^{ o }\quad (1-{ e }^{ -\beta V })

where \sigma represents the backscattering of forest, ground or canopy,   \beta a coefficient and V is GSV.

The above equation is inverted using measured backscatter to retrieve GSV. GSV is estimated for each timestep and then weighted to obtain a final GSV estimate.

Accuracy: The spatial distribution of the GSV across four ecological zones (polar, boreal, temperate, subtropical) was well captured by the ASAR-based estimates. The uncertainty of the retrieved GSV was smallest in boreal and temperate forest (<30% for approximately 80% of the forest area) and largest in subtropical forest.

For major forested countries within the Northern hemisphere, the relative RMSE was between 12% and 45% with an average of 29% (compared with National Forest Inventory).

In Europe, the RMSE was estimated to 46.1 m3/ha (i.e. relative RMSE= 26.2% on average). Strongest agreement was found in northern Europe, Baltic countries and Hungary. For central European countries, the relative RMSE was slightly higher (mostly between 20% and 35%) due to frequent average GSV above 200 m3/ha. Errors above 40% were obtained in Ireland (very small forest area proportion) and Switzerland (strong land fragmentation, mountainous terrain and NFI-derived GSV averages well above the 200 m3/ha level).


  • Larger uncertainty was found for fragmented forest landscapes on sloped terrain or when GSV is very low (< 20 m3/ha)
  • Systematic underestimation occurred in regions of very high GSV (>300 m3/ha)


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