Period: 2016 – present

Sensor: Sentinel 2 MSI

Frequency: 5 days at equator

Resolutions: 20m

Extent: Global

The product algorithm can be accessed here.

Algorithm description: Three indices sensitive to vegetation water can be calculated using Sentinel 2 data.

Moisture Stress Index (MSI):

MSI\quad =\quad \frac { { R }_{ Band11 } }{ { R }_{ Band8 } }


Normalized Difference Infrared Index (NDII)


NDII\quad =\quad \frac { { { R }_{ Band8 }\quad -\quad R }_{ Band11 } }{ { { R }_{ Band8 }\quad +\quad R }_{ Band11 } }


Note that NDII is also referred as NDWI (Gao et al 1996), however in case of Sentinel 2 formulations, NDWI is calculated using band 3 and 8. This NDWI is more sensitive to changes in the water bodies (McFetters 1996), whereas NDII is more sensitive to vegetation water thickness.

Accuracy: Product is new and has not been validated.


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