Frequency: Modified regularly

Resolutions: 1km

Extent: Pan-European

Data can be accessed here.

Algorithm description: This Atlas of tree species provides information about distribution as well maximum habitat suitability for tree species within Europe. The distribution information is in the form of Relative Probability of Presence (RPP). The field database include European National Forestry Inventories, Forest Focus, BioSoil, European Information System on Forest Genetic Resources and Geo-referenced Database of Genetic Diversity. The algorithm also uses landcover maps – Pan European Forest Type Map 2006, CORINE Land Cover map 2006, ESA GlobCover 2009.

The data collected at different spatial scale are harmonised so as to get datasets in 1km resolution maps.


No direct validation has been performed against tree species database. Mauri et al (2016) tested reliability of the database by comparing its biogeographical consistency with established knowledge. The result shows good consistency of the database with respect to expected distribution of biogeographical regions. However, it was not possible to distinguish between boreal and hemiboreal regions.


  • No direct validation is done so far.


Mauri, A., Strona, G. & San-Miguel-Ayanz, J. EU-Forest, a high-resolution tree occurrence dataset for Europe. Nat. Sci. Data 4, 160123 (2017).

de Rigo, D., Caudullo, G., Durrant, T. H. & San-Miguel-Ayanz, J. The European Atlas of Forest Tree Species: modelling, data and information on forest tree species. 7