Period: 2006 – present


Frequency: 1 days

Resolutions: full SEVIRI spatial resolution (3km at equator)

Extent: MSG disk

Data can be accessed here.

Algorithm description: The algorithm is uses a semi-empirical approach, wherein LAI is retrieved from the Fractional Vegetation Cover (FCV) data, where FCV calculation relies on k0 BRDF parameters in the red, NIR and MIR bands.

Accuracy:Accuracy was estimated by comparison to ground data, GEOV1 product and MODIS v5 products. The LAI was estimated with a RMSE = 0.74, 0.84, 1.02, respectively. MDLAI shows better overall accuracy than MODIS and GEOV1.


  • Large fraction of missing data was found over Europe, mainly in northern latitudes during wintertime.
  • Over forest sites MSG product tends to underestimate thee LAI values.
  • Very coarse spatial resolution.


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