LAIsmart is a mobile app that calculates LAI with the help of two synchronised mobile devices. One mobile is used to capture images of the canopy and other is used a backend instrument. The two devices communicate wirelessly. This arrangement makes it easier to acquire images.


The app calculates LAI using similar method as PocketLAI, by inverting gap fraction equation where the gap fraction is calculated by segmenting image captured by mobile camera to calculate leaf pixels in the field of view of the camera. It is recommended to capture images vertically upward or downward for better results.


The app has been tested in needleleaf forest, deciduous forests and crops (maize and wheat), wherein the measurements were compared against AccuPAR LAI 2000. Good accuracy was obtained especially for LAI values lower than ~3.5.


Qu, Y., Wang, J., Song, J. & Wang, J. Potential and Limits of Retrieving Conifer Leaf Area Index Using Smartphone-Based Method. Forests 8, 217 (2017).