Annual cycles for field data collection have been designed to bring coordination amongst people recording different environmental observations across Wales. Our surrounding nature changes continuously in response to seasonal weather cycles. For example, phenological changes in trees such as leaf fall, bud burst, leaf expansion, flowering and fruiting. In order to verify satellite based phenological products using ground observations, it is crucial to record these field observations in the appropriate time period. Annual cycle tool has been designed to make people aware of important time periods for range of environmental variables and changes. These cycles have been prepared for Forest, Water, Crops, Urban and Vegetation-Biodiversity.  The cycles would be updated further based on information sourced from experts. The prototype for annual cycles can also be generated for key plant species or bird and insect monitoring.
To view annual cycles for different categories, click on the centre of the cycle. Further information about variables and ground measurement technique can be accessed by clicking on the variable colour in the cycle or in the legend.